You don’t have to be okay.
That’s what she told me.
You don’t have to push me away.
Atleast let me in and let things be.
You don’t have to let the emotions in you sway.
Just close your eyes and beyond see.
You don’t have to watch the happiness in your soul just slip away.
No. Just try hum a song and it’ll slide back in.
All these things she said to me when I’d break.
And God knows how good and fulfilling it was.
Breaking and feeling the pain devour me was really great.
Trust me I’d give anything to always feel how it makes me does.
Sometimes like most times I really don’t want to feel okay or even fine.
I just wanna feel my emotions climax and shatter my existence.
Because my life is almost so blurred there’s even no clear line.
And it’s been too long since I felt okay in my experience.
The thing is it’s okay not to feel okay.
Bad things happen to people all the fuckin time so why not me!!!

©Maina Ann


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