A brief unforgettable night

A night that filled not the whole on my body but the whole in my heart
A brief incredible night of pleasure
The only witnesses were our shadows in the moonlight and the endlessly dripping shower

A time of openness
A time of honesty
I hid nothing from him
It was all me

The wave of thrill I was trapped in
Getting bigger with each passing heartbeat
The work of his hands
Handling me like I were an antique glass
His eyes were fierce, he looked at me like i was his prey
I was the prey he was the tiger
I took myself to his den,there to surrender
Surrender to his beauty
Surrender to his halo
Surrender to his grace
Surrender to his glory

With his effortless movements he captured my thoughts
I cld think of nothing but his presence
With his sensational touch he captured my heart
I cld feel nothing but the caress of his hands on every inch of my skin

His weight on top of me
Was smtg I cld Carry forever
It was a heavenly burden that made me whole
It crushed my doubts and uplifted my soul
His body completed mine
When he pushed to cross that red line
Every kiss he grants me reveals a whole another universe of passion
A universe
Where I declare my freedom and independence

The symphonic noises coming out from his mouth
Were like angels singing in the air
The heavy sighs and groans he let out in my ear
Flee off my fear
He did not yet fill the whole on my body
But he poured his love in the whole in my heart
He poured it in until it overflowed

His body was a work of art I witnessed once he uncovered
A grand masterpiece meant only for the royals
Him really lying there next to me was a side view I have never quite seen
Our bodies so close with only thin air in between
A feeling of privilege dawned upon me
He has finally made me his queen

A brief night of getting to know each other through unspoken words
A night of building the cords
And connections
Feeding my secret hunger for affection

The bittersweet end of this journey leaves me wondering where it may later lead
I might strike u as a good girl
But I do have my needs


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