Media push for Regulation of Bloggers -By cyprian Nyakundi

Why should the media push for “Regulation or Bloggers?” And what does that even mean? Bloggers should self regulate and anyone pushing for their regulation simply wants Bloggers to be gagged and silenced.

Personally, I have 16 cases in court: 7 Criminal ( government prosecuting me ) and 9 civil from individuals and some corporates.

There is nothing like regulating bloggers, that is the unconstitutional cyber crime law being pushed through the backdoor.

Some of these journalists pushing for the regulation of bloggers don’t even know how it is hard to grow a following by being independent. Most of them are swimming under the wave of media houses they work for.

So if anyone had an issues with a specific blogger, go to court and follow the available channels.

This regulation of bloggers debate is only about trying to control them!


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