Dear Younger Me

Dear Younger Me,
I know it’s been tough growing up in the slums(which our current teacher refers to as the “informal urban settlements”, he says that I shouldn’t call them slums because it sounds inhumane). Listen, I will never regret appreciating the fact that we’ve gone through it all; a forest of difficulties. I have to make it clear to you that life isn’t what wr hoped it would be, it’s like an all-seasons flower. It turns things around, towards whatever we hope for or against it. I have to inform you that you’re going to meet the better part of your future and that which you never wished for, the worst part. Frankly, I would really love to stop it from happening but you know what, it’s not possible.

I wish I could meet you, have some coffee and talk over the experiences we’ve had within different circles of life, but this would crush you and this is something I don’t wish for to happen. One thing though, never allow yourself to be written off by anyone,you ought to live the you that I’ve always known.

I’ve realized that you’ve had a problem with you opening up, look, I can’t turn that down, I know, people are different, i know you’re afraid of sharing whatever is itching you; I am terrified too, but I’ve got something to counter that, an idea that you’ll love, this, am sure of- we’ll write to infinity, we’ll embrace that fire that set our souls on fire, the fire that burns and releases words full of anger, joy, love and reality; opening up too should be to the right people.

Be kind too boy, I know you’ve tried your you got to give the best. See, it’s not been an easy one trying to show them that despite the fact your passion to help a friend get through a rough path in their life even though your situation may be worse, you still find something to do about it, besides, the souls that you’ve touched from the streets, rescue centers, homes, schoolsand hospitals. Like this passion. Please learn to embrace anything positive about yourself, this will surely outdo any negatives. You should also understand that you’re not perfect, ther

Remember you’ve never been afraid to be different or people’s judgments because they made you stronger. They’ve made you work harder to prove them wrong. You’ll always be unique and it’s more exhilarating to be unique out of the ordinary. You experience different things than others and that’s okay. It’s also okay not to be okay. I’m sure one day you’ll be on a couch with your pen spitting words on an innocent paper, writing a letter to the younger you that may have lived his life, but most importantly, love yourself unapologetically.

So,I’m leaving you with this write up for you to refer back to on days when you arent feeling so sure about your life, or need a quick pick-me-up. I’m looking forward to seeing where life will take us.

Stay awesome kid.

Hasta luego!

©Odhiambo Obonyo
The Dark Pen


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