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Traffic Is Big Business.

The other week, I spent over 3 hours on traffic. Well, by then I didn’t pay particular attention to the brighter side of it. Busy with a lot of complaints, I didn’t see the many Kenyans who were using that opportunity to survive. Money grows economy.

Matatu business
Big business for the matatu sector in that at these hour is when the fares hit peak. A 60 seater matutu charging 150 for a 10 km journey? That’s a lot of money for two rounds on a morning and an evening traffic.

Despite lots of time and fuel lost on traffic, there are way many pros as well. Think of the many hawkers who only use this opportunity to make cash. Hawking was this close to becoming illegal, but the amount of money that this business brings can’t be ignored. Hawking feeds families, takes children to school and pays tax to the Government. What better business to start for unemployed Youth, than Hawking.

People with disabilities
People with disabilities also make a lot of money at this time of the hour. Did you know that 4.5% of Kenyans are physically disabled? Half this population get their income by begging mostly during traffic.

The big city malls
Be it Galleria, Taj mall, T-mall or even Sarit city and Garden city Mall, all these big malls make a lot of Cash during traffic or weekends. They are among the largest tax payers for any County.

Fuel stations.
Every time you’re stuck in traffic, chances are a lot of fuel is getting consumed. Who benefits? It’s the fuel companies;the like of shell, Total and kobil. They are among the companies that are highly taxed.

Traffic police.
During traffic is when many police officers get traffic offenders, and it’s when a lot of bribes come in place so handy. Although this money is illegal, but be sure it finds it’s way into the economy, which is good.

All in all, double cash will be saved by solving traffic problem.



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