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Top 5 politicians to look up to for role models.

“Kenya is a not a good example for anything” one lecturer once told me during a journalism lecture. He was right then, he evoked a part of my brain that led me to do some research. In Kenya we witness a lot of struggle and hardship but at the same time, we also see so much triumph, so much beauty and so much Joy. A thing that led me to seek the beauty in our politics and no doubt I found good leadership; a kind of leadership that an aspiring leader could actually look up to.

1. President Uhuru Kenyatta

Surely all of you will agree with me that the president has revealed a side of him that surpassed many of our imaginations. From his fluency in language to his political charisma. A trait that has gained him and the country approval in the eyes of world leaders. This is what no one tells you about. That the president wasn’t the way he is when he started, he actually learnt. His appearance in countless world forums has made the whole world view kenya as the capital of Africa.

2. Senator Mutula Kilonzo jnr.

Social media gurus and followers of Parliament proceedings will tell you better how this senator from Makueni embodies everything in ordinary citizens. He knows our pain,he knows our struggles and he also knows our hustle. He gained this reputation following his strong stand against Chinese exploitation of locals on one senate proceeding. What makes him unique;is his way of expressing views in a knowledgeable and clear way not only for the elite but also for the common voter.

3. Deputy President Ruto

The deputy president is famous for his alleged corruption scandals probably because the media want you to dwell on that. But there’s a unique and an interesting trait to this leader that makes him be in this list-Honesty and loyalty. Two traits that we so desperately need in this country. Ruto stood with Raila completely in 2007 and he did the same with president Kenyatta since 2013. Which better friend do you need than a friend who stands with you on moments of Joy (Election Victory) and sorrow (ICC case). Ruto will always be honest with Kenyans on Matters interest.

4. Senator Sakaja.

Well, he surely is the youngest Senator in Kenya. Addressing the cabinet at merely 22 and climbing political ranks in such a fast pace makes the young senator be a person to look for as a mentor and a role model. He rarely speaks to the media,he isn’t interested in giving TV sound bytes and getting media attention. Surely enough, I’ll rate him as the smartest young politician Kenya has ever had. At only 33,he has come up with 4 proposed bills meant to better the lives of youth.

5. Senator Orengo.

Senator gained popularity following his landslide Victory during last year’s presidential election petition. He is definitely a person to look more so in constitutional Matters and policy implementation. He’s one of the smartest senators in the senate. Orengo is known for his calmness and like Senator Sakaja,he doesn’t crave attention and media sound bytes. He talks when there’s something to be said.



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