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One Nation, Undecided!

The risk of a wrong decision is preferable to the terror of indecision.

Chinese Imperialism

The Government has made some of the toughest decisions this year, decisions that have sparked different responses from the country as a whole. Back tracking to the first controversial decisions involving the Chinese and their imperialism, a debate was held in the Senate and the senators failed to reached an agreement. Kenyans are divided between whether China is investing and giving loans for our own benefit or for their own imperialism gain. Kenyans complained about discrimination in SGR(Standard Gauge Railway) and Chinese labor policies but untill now the Government hasn’t decided on the way forward. Whether to leave the issues unsolved or to put in place better policies to fix the problem.

Buildings Demolition

A month ago, many buildings were demolished. Some say it was for good reason others assign political reasons to the whole saga. The fact that ordinary citizens who were evicted during SGR construction haven’t been paid is laughable and a compensation plan should be implemented immediately. But the move by the government to bring down cartel buildings is something that shouldn’t be a controversy. The long held narrative that some people in this city can’t be touched because they know other people is slowly fainting in air. And Kenyans should rally behind the president in leading this move.

The corruption fight and the 2022 politics

The arrest of deputy chief justice has brought a lot of debates and Kenyans aren’t reaching an amicable agreement anytime soon. For the supporters, they say that’s a bold step and a signal that slowly but surely even the president and the deputy president will be brought to account on matters corruption. But for the opposers, they say that the chief justice David maraga is retiring in 3 years, and Deputy Mwilu is the likeliest person to take over. Her supreme Court decision is a threat to 2022 political Alliances and that’s why incriminating her earlier is a step to stop her from taking over. But enough of speculations, let’s wait and see how the case will go today.

East or West.
Kenyans and the Government are torn between China and America; who is the strongest partner. China is leading in giving economical support while America in millitary. The one question no one is asking is; who is more reliable,more trustworthy? We can’t say America with Trump leading,neither can we say China following it’s reputation and history.

Development or 2022 political Alliances
This is especially a big debate in the executive. The president is interested in development(The big 4 agenda) because he has no campaign ahead to worry about as opposed to to his deputy who’ll be running. Bringing in the question of the handshake, whether really it’s a step towards unity and building bridges or a political calculation by the political dynasties. Ordinary Kenyans can’t crack this;what it means ,who will be the horse come 2022 and the future of jubilee party.

Islam or Christian.
Kenya is a religious state by law. One state comprising of many religions. A fortnight ago we celebrated a Muslim holiday that wasn’t explained well to the majority Christians. It orchestrated debates, that the government down played. This shouldn’t be a question of choice but of inclusivity. An understanding that we all worship an awesome God.

Ryan Harwood say that the worst decision is indecision. Whether at national or individual level we must make a choice in these grey areas. And every step made by the government shouldn’t be a moment of questioning intentions. Some things are better left unasked just to give people in power an opportunity to serve. You trusted them with the job last year,now it’s their time to deliver. All of us should understand that indecision is the enemy of progress and not saying yes to one possibility is saying no to all of them.



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