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Faces of Kenya: Senator Johnson Sakaja

Full name:Johnson Sakaja
Born: February 2nd 1985
Where : Ngara Estate, Parklands,Nairobi, Kenya.
Position: Senator Nairobi County.
Primary school: Aga Khan Academy
High school: Lenana.
University: University of Nairobi.
Course/Degree; Actuarial Science.

Began his political career at age 5,when he carried around a burner written“No class one,no school” in protest against parent’s idea of repeating preschool. At Lenana school, he was the prefects’ coordinator and the vice chair of law society. He also became the best public speaker nationally during the music festivals through a piece titled “My Country Kenya”

Senator Sakaja passed Harvard entry-level exams but couldn’t join due to financial problems. He landed his first Job at 19 at Pricewatercoopers, a job he lost a year later. He later worked with a Gospel music group called Mission Driven. He is the founder of Arthur Johnson consultants,a financial consultancy firm.

He started his public political life as a vice chair of the Actuarial Students Association. Later elected into the Students Organization of Nairobi University (SONU). His first involvement in national politics was during the 2005 referendum where he used his SONU platform to rally young people together. In 2007 elections, he started as the driver of Kibaki team; later the director of the vijana na Kibaki lobby group. He took the lead role in vote tallying for the presidential Secretariat.

At 22, he addressed Former president Kibaki’s cabinet in attempt to find solution for the 2008 post election violence. It was then that he met President Uhuru Kenyatta whom he later worked with at the ministry of finance. He considers President Kenyatta a mentor, a personal friend and an older brother. He helped in the formulation of 2010 constitution.

At 26, he helped in founding the The National Alliance (TNA) and became it’s chairman at 27 years, making him the youngest party chairman is the whole Galaxy.(TNA led President Kenyatta to victory in 2013 general elections) He coined the party slogan “I Believe” and led the #IAMNAIROBI campaign

At 32, he ran for the Nairobi senatorial seat and trounced his opponents Edwin Sifuna with an overwhelming majority votes making him the Second Senator of Nairobi and the youngest Senator in the country.

As a Senator, he is working on three bills:
1. The employment Bureau Authority which will establish job centres in all counties.
2. The performing Arts Fund for funds to help upcoming Artists.
3. Public Procurement and Disposal Bill to legalize the implementation of the president declaration that 30% of public Procurement should go to youth.

He is the chairman of Kenya Young Parliamentarians Association an umbrella group that brings young Parliamentarians together irrespective of party or tribal affiliation. He is also the patron of Kenya Professional Boxing Commission justified by his huge body size and finally the executive member Kenya National Private Security Workers Union.


  1. African Achievers Award Changemaker of the Year 2016.
  2. Jacob Well Award 2016(Men Impacting Differently)


  • Rapping
  • Song writing
  • Politics
  • Public speaking
  • Youth


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