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How national symbols shape our decision making

If you can make your mark in Nairobi, then you are a made man.

Last year jubilee part under the able leadership of Uhuru Kenya won the general elections. Minority believe that the system was rigged while majority believe that former prime Minister Raila Odinga was outsmarted. Neither of these reasons justify why President Kenyatta won on a landslide. Infact, it has nothing to do with the president as a person.

What do Kenyans love? What do they consider during elections? Are Kenyans influenced by tribal kingpins?

Kenya and politics globally have never been determined by political candidates themselves. About 15% of an election outcome is determined by the candidate, the other 85% is always the party branding. Taking Kenya as a case , with a keen interest in the 2017 general elections; jubilee party sold itself as Kenya’s favourite party.

For a party to be favourite, first it must be liked by most citizens. What’s jubilee party symbol? It’s a handshake and color red. What comes to mind when you see red? It reminds us of our daily struggles. For a student maybe boring lectures. For a middle class, maybe Early morning commuting. What about a handshake? It symbolizes unity. It reminds us that we are and always will be stronger together. That the country must always come first.

Look at the previous parties that have been producing winning candidates;Former president Moi during the Moi era under KANU and Former president Mwai Kibaki in 2002 under NARC. All these parties have national symbols embbed in them.

What are national symbols for Kenya? It’s the Lion and the 4 colours of our flag:black representing the heritage, white for peace, red for struggles and green for nature. All citizens all over the world always fall in love with their national symbols. Look at your friends , look at your house and look at your closet. Are these four colors dominating? What’s your favourite colour? Chance are for men,it would be black and for ladies it would be pink. But which colour is dominating.

Now that you understand the national symbols and how you voted. Do you agree? Look at the losing parties every general elections and the kind of slogan and the colors they use in designing their Logos. Ask kenyans and they’ll tell you that they’ll always go for a jubilee T-shirt against NASA. 3 in every five neutral friends will go for a red, white or a black T-shirt and not orange.
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