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What goes around comes around

Multimedia University campus, year one day one. My hopes are sky high. Moment to actualize my big dreams in high school is commencing. Four years it has been, the clock is ticking, 10 days it is as per my calendar widget. Am in the library contemplating whether the cause and effect theory has been applicable.

Am an average student, at least until now, and after spending countless hours on fiction, non fiction and self help books am convinced beyond doubt that it doesn’t really count in real life application. Am an optimist by nature and so are my friends. I examine their life and so do they. We’ve had quality campus life, except for the late night club dance. Rarely did I visit campus Christian Union but my Faith is strongly anchored in God.

The Bible insists that you only sow what you reap which is to some extent diverting my thoughts to events I’ve been party to in and outside class since first year. It has been messy! Frequent arguments and disagreements in class whatsapp group, class coup against a lecturer, class groups internal wrangles not to forget the good friends that went rogue.

If this saying is to hold true, which kind of life are we projecting in a week ,a year or even a decade to come. I can’t just stop thinking of the many wrong perceptions I had formed on people only for them to be the exact opposite-positively and negatively. Swaying of debates in class just to suit our self reinforcing believes. The endless peddle of rumors just to underscore our friends. The utter spread of hate just to change minds either against a lecturer or a friend. We’ve lied on assignments and exams. We’ve helped friends pass on our own sweat. We’ve rallied against people not once but many times. We’ve broke good hearts.

These are dire times when we keep questioning everything. Why is it that I can’t get a job,why is it that am not liked,why is that I can’t date, why is that things aren’t working out for me while for my friends blessings seem to be pouring out day in,day out. Where am I headed after school?

On dark nights,a new Dawn never seem to come.

But a new Dawn always comes. As one of my friend puts it โ€˜We live to fight another day.โ€™ Just as circumstances change,so are people. We can start treading on a new path. A path towards better Future. Am a strong believer that if you keep working hard and have a strong faith and conviction in yourself then surely one day you’ll make something out of yourself. It doesn’t matter what opinions naysayers may have about you or some old long held theory that dictates how we live our lives. The past is a done deal,the future is uncertain but the moment is guaranteed. So act now! Even the Bible says that anyone who’ll humble thyself and change his ways shall be redeemed.

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This entry was posted on 23 Aug 2018 by in Politics.
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