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Gen Zers: We are an Unstoppable Revolution

“We take turns sleeping, we eat and we live,”these are the adjectives the world has labelled us. Yeah, we do all these but we dream as well. Born between 1996 and 2016 is such a blessing because the world is ours to rule and change is ours to embrace. We constitute about 40%of the world’s population and 35% in Kenya. We are the most diverse generation there’s and we are the generation the world is calling upon to impact.

Take a keen look at the world around us:The corrupt systems, the hatred, the hopelessness and the daily injustices. The world is bleeding,the world is bursting in tears. There’s no one to save the world and we are her best hope. We are change markers.
Business insider describes us as “millennials on steroids” who are leading change. This is because we have a unique DNA; a blend of all other generations strengths.

We are the most diverse and inclusive generation. We all at least have that one friend from a different tribe, religion or even race. We enjoy working with them. Diversity makes us strong,corrupt free and citizens of the world. We don’t identify ourselves by our tribes but by the knowledge and opinions we share. We can easily intermarry.

Technology shapes our daily lives and our worldview. Our loyalty is to our screens. We wake up and the first thing we check is our social media platforms. Twitter to catch up with daily happening, Instagram for our daily instant gratification and WhatsApp to keep in touch with our loved ones. Communication isn’t only with our friends in Kenya but also globally. Through it, we’ve managed to learn how other countries work and function,what our friends from other countries are doing to better the world and what’s working and not.

We’ve learnt that for change to happening, people must embrace their true selves. A change in state of mind is key. The mere doing of stuff to fit into a club is what is making change difficult for the previous generations. Politicians get elected and they enroll into contests shows of who has the most following, who has the latest model and who is the coolest. They prioritize the club more than the voters- ordinary people. They are motivated by who’s the most powerful,who can access the president and who can control an officer in an institution. Our main motivation is life,food and passion. We are interested more in seeing our parents, friends and the people around us thriving. What makes us Happy is service not only to God but humanity as well.

Generations get influenced by age, societal norms and technology. Previous generations have been influenced more by the first two while we’ve been influenced by all of them. A sense of balance exists in us. Hybrid is always better.

We need to act, we need to ensure that technology works for us and not against us, or we will be ruined by impunity that accompanies it.

We don’t watch television anymore. We value our time. An hour of news and ads could be slashed into a minute of a YouTube clip. We are less prone to “fake news”. We understand better that media houses serve the interest of the elites that’s why we’d rather rely on our Twitter friends.

With all these traits, we believe that nothing in this world is impossible. We are the campaigners, why not campaign to support our own. We are the brains, why not use our brains to support our own. We are the leaders, why not grab a clipboard and run for offices ourselves.

“We are the change we have been waiting ” Former US president Barack Obama.

By doing what we must do,by embracing the best in one another, by standing up for ourselves and others. That’s the way we become unstoppable. That’s why we are unstoppable. A revolution.



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