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The State of Kenyan Youth

Hello dear friends, on Sunday we will be celebrating international youth day. The president will lead the celebrations in kisii County. The theme for this year is safe spaces for youths, but mine is a little flavoured. Am calling it civic spaces for youths. I believe our public and digital spaces needs are exhausted and we are so desperately in need of civic spaces. Let’s have a look at the current state of the nation. We have witnessed this month alone two cases of gender violence atleast those publicly known, we have read on papers the majority leader of national Assembly defending a cabinet Secretary from an alleged corruption scandal through parliamentary votes, we witnessed massive school fires in our high schools , Mercury and copper in our sugar, buildings getting demolished and discrimination in SGR.

We aren’t blinded, we follow up on issues, we saw a poor man given 12 years of imprisonment while at the same time we’ve seen rich and powerful politicians going out free despite billions of stolen money from NYS to Afya scandal. What this says is that the top 1% still have more power and opportunities than the bottom 99% in which we all fall. This means that the rich and the powerful now have means to further enrich and empower themselves at the cost of the poorer and the weaker, we have a responsibility to protest in the name of Universal freedom.

This is the country we know. A country where our last names symbolize love and diversify among us, a country where our politician’s children and families go to the same schools and hospitals as we all do, A country where our politicians and us stay in the same neighborhood, a country where our politicians and us dine and party in the same clubs, hotels and restaurants, a country where a politician is no better than a voter, a country where a child in a marginalized area have the same shot at opportunities and benefits as a child in Nairobi, a country where a small market centre in nyanza will have just as good facilities and service as the Metropolitan city of nairobi, a country where we are all brothers and sisters in love. This is the kenya I know, this is the kenya we all know. A kenya where our politicians don’t have to threaten or kill their competitors. A kenya where our politics reflect the best in us and not the worst.

Kenyan youths understand that for change to happen to a county, it has to not only begin from the bottom up but also from the inside out. We understands that we have the knowledge and brains to make good policies to better the country. The Kenyan youth has a very simple and clear message; that the old politicians that are inhibiting the growth of civic spaces will soon be brought down. And for the young politician who’ve been brainwashed by the old mentors; an unstoppable wave is coming, a wave that cannot and will not be deterred, a wave that cannot be ignored, a ThisGen wave. A wave of change. A wave inspired by what Martin Luther King, Jr calls a fierce Urgency of Now.
Thank you and may God bless you and May God bless the Republic of Kenya.



This entry was posted on 10 Aug 2018 by in Politics.
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