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Dashing hopes of casual laborers in Kenya

Job is a casual laborer in school. He survives by slashing the school compound. He isn’t a member of a Union, he doesn’t have a KRA pin and lives on the mercy of the employer. He gets paid ksh.10000 a month. He has a student in form one and two other children in private primary school. He pays his rent for Ksh4000 and her wife’s who stays with the children in another town Ksh2500. Job has to feed both himself and his family. An average family spends shs.100 on breakfast and 150 for lunch and dinner on the lower end. Per month that totals to kshs 7500.
‘‘How do you survive on that”I asked.
“Well, that money isn’t enough and i just dont know how i survive” Job relied.
Job breaks it down for me. He says out of the 10000; 6500 goes to rent and 3000 goes to school fees.
“How do even eat now and what about the children, don’t they need food and even uniforms.” I asked.
Job explains to me how he walks to coworkers and students around school to get money for food.
‘‘Ile, mbao naeza kuomba collo, nachukua ten nibuy sukuma and 5 nyanya na 5 kitungu, Then siku nimebarikwa na 100 ivi, naipeleka kwa unga’’ Job explains.
Job’s story is part of a larger Kenyan story shared by millions of people. Think of all the casual laborers from security guards to cleaners to househelps.

Think of the difference you could make by just giving as little as 20 Bob. That 20 Bob is enough to feed someone or even take a child to school.


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