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What you’re missing in the tribal Narrative.

Hello, During these cold seasons, I can’t think more of what kenya asks of us than to step up and protect it. I believe for us to know where we are going as a country, we must first understand where we have come from. Our grandparents did a very good job in getting us independence, their children, our fathers have done a very good job in diving us ;making us hate one another. Our generation must do something in writing a new chapter of Kenyans history. Many of our age mates(South Korea, Singapore, India, Egypt, South Africa, Dubai) that got independence the same time we did have gone a milestone. We too can do it. We must defend our values, the same values our grandparents had:Harambee.. We must make kenyan voice be heard, we must make our voice be heard.
Let’s face it, what happened in 2007, what happened in 2013 and what happened in 2016. In 2007 about 1300 people died out of ethnic violence. The same happened in 2013 and 2016. And the same trend seems to happen everytime. After people are dead, they always go back and unite together making fools of us. They call it a bold step to unite the country, but I don’t, Why would politicians agree to unite when most of their citizens are dead. Why didn’t they do it before any lives were lost.I believe they do this out of self interest ;either party always makes an offer that the looser finds attractive. Why do you think the country is more tribal? I believe it’s because of our politicians, our two politicians. I believe kenyans are good people, I believe you are a reasonable person and you understand very well how much you love your neighbor, but when we come to talks about these two Leaders, our tribal thinking most of the times take way. I thought it was going to be over this election ; but now again they’re telling us who to elect in 2022, those who’ll continue serving their interest. We both know someone has to stop this, we both know we are suppose to stop this from happening. Our democracy, our constitution gives us freedom, to make free choices without influence from our Leaders. Our Democracy matters because it reflects an idea of equality and liberty in us, it gives us our dignity ;it gives every individual an equal vote and an equal say in formation of our government.
Start pushing for accountability from Your MCA, Your MP, Your Governor and even Your president. Tweet him, write him a letter, Tell him what he can do to solve your situation or problem. He won’t reply most of the time, but if you keep tweeting, if you keep asking and if You keep writing, he’ll eventually reply. Remember the phone numbers they gave you on campaigns, are they working? Mine isn’t working.
If you’re feeling the same energy that I do. If you believe that we need jobs, if you believe we need better hospitals and schools,if you believe in equal treatment for our girls and boys,if you still have hopes for our children, our brothers and sisters who have to brave the cold and the floods to go to schools with a believe that kenya has a place for them too. If you agree with me that enough is enough and you’re sharing with me a believe that we can make our lives great, by making kenya great;give me a missed call on +254790397950(0790397950) or send me a text or even WhatsApp. Together let’s build a better tale to tell our children and grand children.


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