5 productive female habits that guys should learn 🎓

Ever wondered why most females lead lives beyond their means? Well, most of you will attach that to the existence of sponsors (older money donors for the selfish motive of misusing girls) but well that’s just like 20% of the girls. What about the other 80%? Well;here are the secrets the other 80% of the girls do that I recommend every guy should practice.
1.Read Books.
Most ladies spend a huge junk of time reading self help books and romantic novels. For a long time I thought it was unproductive until I started small talks along these two genres of book and believe me these books play a very vital role in most girls lives. For guys I’d recommend classics and a bit of self help books. Start with one book monthly, it helps.
2.Personal care.
Well, most of them overdo it, but its a good thing that I think we guys should adopt. Daily showering is a must for every guy. Healthy eating is also a must in our daily to do list. Being clean doesn’t mean you are girly, it means you value your life so much. Why would you spend kshs. 1000 on a dinner with a girl while not spend the same amount on dinner for yourself. Ask any girl, they’ll never do such a damn thing unless they’re crazily in love with you.
3.Self worth.
Girls really value themselves so highly. Did you know a girl may have a crush on you and will never ever open up? Did you know that a girl could be poor and will never allow that get past her hostel or apartment door? These are good things, they reveal how psychology stable a person is. They foster an understanding that no matter how bad a situation is, my value is way higher than the Situation itself. As guys, let’s embrace the same mentality without forgetting our masculine role.
4.Art of faking.
I’ll be honest, ladies can fake anything up. They know how to use their feminine appeal to get anything they want. They use it in manipulation and even deception. They have mastered how to fake external love. They employ this in confusing guys into doing basically anything they want. Is it bad? Yes, but who cares. Why don’t you as a guy employ the same.
5.Healthy relationship.
Have never met people who are really good in creating friendships like ladies. Their friendship bond is so strong to an extent they share the darkest of secrets with each other. This makes them vulnerable as they’re very easy to understand if you can be an assert to their best friend. It’s also good on their down moments because atleast they have a shoulder to lean on. They are very good in peer mentoring. For guys, it’s very rare but it’s an opportunity for us too to start working on our friends. We have allies as I call them but not genuine friends. We don’t peer mentor unless it’s at church when we are forced into small mentorship groups.


8 thoughts on “5 productive female habits that guys should learn 🎓

  1. magneticah 23 Feb 2018 / 16:06

    Nice one ! There is more to girls than looks love no one ….go bookies !

    Liked by 1 person

    • mybloomsite 23 Feb 2018 / 16:38

      I liiike this💟💟thank you very very much… I definitely need more on this from you…


  2. Sarah 23 Feb 2018 / 19:50

    Great books, scented candles and coffee are how I spend my evenings.

    Liked by 2 people

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