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A perfect mono date

So intrigued!Super excited! Woo.…This place is fancy! It’s KFC kimathi street.
“Can i help you, sir?”Gorgeous waitress distract my sweet monologue
With a smile,‘yes miss,kindly bring a six piecer, two glasses of cocktail and as usual some dessert’
She rushes to the ground floor and in a matter of seconds the meal is delivered in a tray.
“Just curious,when is she arriving?” she inquires.
“well..why so madam” I replied
“we have special give aways for couples”she answered.
“Well…I appreciate the gesture but am here on a totally different mission” I replied.
“Enjoy your time sir” She said while leaving my table to attend to the next customer.

First things first, free isn’t always free. That’s what I have learnt of late. By all means flee from anything that brands itself free. Still curious about the title. Well ..this is a single date ..I mean a date between me and I. I have lived my whole life taking ladies for dates; asking them questions that I have never taken time to ask myself.
Okay, I enters the building smiling and takes the opposite seat to me.
‘Hope I haven’t kept you waiting’ I said.
‘‘Not really…we arrived here all at the same time only that you were still kept busy by the beautiful waitress ’’ me replied.
“okay,well..am glad you did made it anyway”me continue.
“I like the selection though. It matches my taste.”I interjected.

Me was funny all the time,I kept laughing and the trend went on for an hour. A deep silence fell in between us,the kind I only experienced the last time I was in the cinema.
‘‘what?” I asked.
Me kept silent.
I,reminded,me,that there was no kissing scene being acted and it was just a date.
But that didn’t stop me.Me persistent with his silence. Then me starts looking at me in the eye and asks with a sorrow that I relate with my first ever break up “What type of person are you?”
I didn’t see that coming but now I have to answer

“Well..am a dreamer and a reader. I spend a junk of time reading books. Am one person who believes that no matter how bad the world is trying to make you unworthy,believe and with confidence tell it that its my opportunity to shine…..Moreover,I love God because He does wonders in my life.I like honesty and I believe that trust is the thin line that distinguishes friendship and intimacy.”

Me kept following with a nod, ‘That said,where do i fall?’
‘‘ I will be honest, for a long time you’ve been my friend but today you’ve earned your place in the intimacy zone by asking me that question.I have always lied and pretended everytime not only about my identify but also about my ambitions. ’’
“Thank you very much for being frank with me and me(I) as well promises the same.”
We took a break from the serious and spent a few moments cracking jokes at one another. Laughter flooded my whole body and the level of excitement was skyrocketing in my nerves.
Me continued, “What do you want out of your life?”
‘‘ whats up with all this questions me…why dont we just have fun.’’ I replied
“ it’s very necessary for our future relationship. Be Frank with me as much as possible ” Me emphasised.
“mmmh…There are so many things i want out of life” I replied.
“ A little more specific,mate”Me elaborated

“ I want to be successful…I want to pioneer and be the change I need around me.I want to live a happy fulfilling life full of excitement. I want a happy, God fearing family with two children:A girl and a boy. I want to be thankful everyday and above all to be my biggest,mostest powerful self.”

‘‘ Well done! Let’s never forget that we have a life we need to live every click of the clock.’’
‘‘ Before we proceed to the next activity I have one and last question ’’
“Go on..we have all the time in the world.” I responded with a big smile. I was enjoying this kind of question not matter how scary they may sound.
“Well..Thank you so much for your genuine interest.What do you consider very important to you ..atleast 3.”

‘‘ A lot actually …Definitely my God comes first, then my life (from how happy I feel to how i handle my worst of moments)and family then to conclude the list my career.’’ I replied;though I could write an essay in answer to that question.

“Bingo!Good job in reward lets go shopping at the mall to mark this date”
Perfect ideas.I left the building full of smile and happiness.

Play an active role in this beautiful world full of happiness and opportunities. Start by going on a mono date. It doesn’t have to be in a fancy restaurant; it could be under a tree or even in the comfy of your bed. Shine!!

Thanks for reading.


2 comments on “A perfect mono date

  1. MakaitaBelz
    24 Feb 2018

    Wow this is so powerful, I liked it

    Liked by 1 person

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