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What would life be without Mum?

Many times I get lost in deep sweet memories and it’s in one of these moment that I got stroke really hard by this question. I began a moment of reflection dating back in my lower primary years till now that am remaining with only a semester to clear campus:A feeling that’s sweet and scary at the same time.

If mum never existed then definitely I could not be around but that isn’t the question of contemplation. Am bringing to light the role mum plays in my life. She’s the reason why am the person I am today and I pray to God that I never get guts to talk at her or disobey her.

While in lower primary, mum used to cane me very much at literally any kind of misbehavior from playing football after normal school hours to keeping bad company. I hated her with a passion then, it’s only today that am getting hit by deep reality that she was actually helping me. This is after I took a short examination of the kind of life those friends are leading and I feel sorry for them. I’d just fall in tears if mum didn’t do that. Had she kept me in my comfort zones;then that’s the pathetic hopeless life I’d be leading.

I remember then mum forgoing lunch just for me to get tuition and exams fees and the sad part was this Christmas when Dad was extremely sick. That Christmas we took porridge and dad was brought for food by a church member whose nephew happen to be in the same university as I am. Mum has struggled with me all the way.

She’s not only prayerful but industrious and indeed she made me a believer because her God works. I went to Cardinal otunga and we were paying 60k for school fees. Well…until today I don’t understand how I managed my studies for 4 years without being sent home even for a single day. She’s in cereal business,the name sounds fancy, but those who have spent time in the village understand how this business is. She didn’t have much education as I have but she’s smarter than me. Am unable to figure out how even to get cash for my lunch something that’s pretty easy for her.

Now am in campus and am always moved by the suffering mum undergoes for me to be in school. I’d sometimes make weekly calls to know how she’s doing. I can only imagine the stress she undergoes at the sight of my call;with questions like how much is in need this time? Is he okay?Does he have enough to keep him in school? Probably going on in her mind. We are 4 siblings all placing their hopes in that one mum who never gives up, who will always find time to pray for us even if we can’t find time ourselves.

There are so many mums out there like my mother and we are the cause of their “deaths” Imagine what you would do after undergoing all that agony only to realize that your child spent all the school fees you’ve been sending on women, drugs or even sportpesa. It hurst. And if you have a mum like my mum try as much as you can to give her hopes,show as much love as you can. Don’t start despising her or even looking down upon her. Understand she’s your mother;she always mean well for you. Never ever allow her cry because of the pain you bring. Though sometimes they’ll be wrong just act like you’re in agreement.

We are heroes of our own mothers. We can only make them proud by leading perfect lives. Even if your mum isn’t with you, just make her happy by being successful, she’ll be smiling somewhere and between we never get seperated from our mothers. They forever occupy special spaces in our hearts. Live your life productively with God at the centre.


8 comments on “What would life be without Mum?

  1. Star Ndanu
    15 Jan 2018

    This is very deep and sweet!!! A mother has a special place in our hearts❤️

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  2. Mr-Tee
    15 Jan 2018

    Lovely & touching…

    Liked by 1 person

  3. parminderksharma
    20 Jan 2018

    I wish I had ‘superlike’ option for this post .

    Liked by 1 person

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