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Why young people should be interested in politics

Well, I have grown up hating politics. Not only the assassination part but also the unfairness that comes with winning. I was raised up believing that politics is a dirty game and when I took a vague look at our politicians -their life wasn’t that glamorous. Majority looked older and unfit and I was just curious where they spend all the money they squander.
It has been 15 years now and am learning a lot in the field of politics. I had a thin perspective of politics then. I took politics as election campaigns done by our politicians.

As Barack Obama puts it, ‘young people should be equally interested in politics just as old foxes’

His words led me to find out more and I realized that we as young people in 3 to 10 years we will be those politicians we don’t like. You’ll be running for president or even gubernatorial seat of your county. If we need a better nation we ought to develop genuine interest in political arena.

Lemme use my family as an example. Am the eldest child. All my youngsters are very keen on how I interact with mum and dad. They are keen on my friends and even on my social media post. But do I have to live a fake life just because they are watching? No.I try my best to be the best me-have the best characters and behaviors.

Just like being a first born a single child, politics involved so much than just an outstanding reputation, it goes way further to our inner character. It affects our education, our relationship with other communities, our happiness,our businesses…the list is endless. We are past election periods and look at the impact that has done: people dying, lectures and teachers striking, doctors striking, our soldiers getting butchered. All these ought not to have happen if we had responsible politicians who fall in the category of leadership. You won’t be living hating your neighbor and you’d be getting an education that enables you get employed after you’re done.

If we young people are to start a revolution, we have to master the art of good leadership that translates to a serene political environment. We have to understand that politics is a part of our life just as our girlfriends and families. We have to care of what is becoming of our future. We have to understand that if we fail to Polish ourselves for these positions then we’ll be experiencing even a worse political environment.

We apply politics in every corner of our life: in our families, on how we choose friends and even those we decide to interact with on our daily undertakings.How do we get to be passionate? Well..simple…we just have to follow and actively participate. Your opinion or view count.

Am a media student and I understand there’s much politics going on in our media organisation in terms of which story gets to be first on prime time news or even make headline on daily newspapers. It’s not in media alone but also where you work or stay or even relax.

I’d urge you to take an important step in reexaminining the values you hold dear whether they contribute towards building character or reputation. Only good character can make us have a good political environment.


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