Bye 👋.

I ever wanted a hot shower with you.
Watching it over your delicate skin.
My eyes scanning each inch of your beautiful skin.
Wrapping my arms around your waist.

Pull you closer and kiss your brow.
The temple, the neck and the hollow of your collar borne.
Seeing you gasp in between kisses.
Morning my name over and over again.

Up until the moment my lips close over yours.
First slowly and then with the same passion.
Leaving you breathless.
As desire fills every pore of our skins.

And stir up a fire we’re no longer able to extinguish.
Pick you up and wrap your legs around me.
As you pull me tight to you.
Glad that someone blocked me.

Put on music
Watching you swing your body to the rhythm.
Be on your lips, my fingers buried into your hair.
Bend down and kiss you.
Then a heartfelt tight squeezing hug.
Seeing your brighter smile that always make my heart race.

I love you.
You’re funny, genuine and witty.
You always have the ability to light up my face and spark a laugh.
I’m going to miss you crazily.
I’m going to miss you so much


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        1. Yeah, lol, and why glad to be blocked when the poem ends in the girl being missed? I hope you’ll post another poem that’ll elaborate hahaha If not, well, that’s part of expression (to leave things out) haha, I guess.

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            1. Ahhhh, I got it, thanks for clarifying! Yes, sometimes we are glad for being blocked because we are not in the right mind when we decided to do them in the first place! haha

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  1. Jambo,
    I think you meant to say “moaning” instead of “morning” or”mourning”. Moaning is what girls do when they scream out their partner’s name in pleasure, for example. Mourning is a part of the grieving process when a loved one has passed away. It is still possible to edit posts after they are published, by the way. I somehow only notice certain mistakes after I’ve published my articles and always go back now and then to change a few words 🙂
    Otherwise I liked your article, keep it up!


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