Be that man….

Being a man is something really complicated. Definations vary from an individual to an individual. The fact that you’re are an adult doesn’t make you a man… Just  a reminder, Be that man… not just a man. There are things that make you an ordinary man while still there are those items that make you that man. First up,my Dad has always been my role model, he defines a man to me. He once told me that collins I   don’t need you to be just a man… look at me… do you the difference. Since then I got interested in the details of his life and I got surprised by his lifestye.
   Be that man that wakes up at 4 or 4:30 in the morning. Why is this so? By waking up this time you add an additional 2 hours on your normal day. The people who said that great things happen in the morning were not stupid. For the past few months, I gave it a test and I got so happy with my progress. I enjoy every moment throughout the day. And I even get an opportunity to watch the sun rising and birds chirping. The two additional hours can be devoted on the thing you like like reading, writing, exercising or even vocals. Do something outside your normal day routine.
    Be that man that sleeps at 10 or 11 pm at worst. This is because by sleeping early you wake up early. You get enough sleeping time. Actually a research shows that worst choices /decisions are always made after this time. This is not the time to worry about the happening of the day.
    Be that man that reads atleast two books every month. Fact known to all of us,the one thing that sets an ordinary man from a distinct one is in the quality of books read. Books not only help in self improvement but also learning and having a different perspectives on happenings in the society around you. It’s from books that you get to know the logic behind people’s stand on a particular issue in society. I insist on atleast two. If you find reading difficult then try the audio books.
    Be that man that remembers God in every undertaking. I didn’t mean to offend anyone. Depending on the believe you hold, remember it. For Christians because I am, remember to pray every morning after you wake up and before sleeping just thanking God for mercies granted during the day. It’s difficult to believe but God really works a lot if you you let Him.
     Be that man that never gives up. Giving up is a defining trait of cowards. No man will like that branding. If you decide to do anything, don’t quit until you’ve it. Consider changing the means if one is not working. Don’t listen to anyone once you’re on because the best advice you’ll get is you can’t. If you take that in your mind, then prepare for consecutive fails.
   Be that man that respects women. For long, gender inequality and violence has been a debate. Some men still believe that women are incapable. Not true, there are just up to task as men, in fact others are so smart for many men to match. Everybody is capable of doing whatever the thing they set their mind of doing. Never allow anyone to underestimate your ability.
    Be that man know for a positive reputation. At all times,as a man,guard your image. Act professional, smart and intelligent. There’s nothing bad as man being stupid. Even if you’re one, you can fake smartness.
   A lesson learnt,a lesson shared. End of my story, till next time.



  1. I’m not a man, obviously, but I this was still very inspiring. Now waking up at 4:30… probably not the best idea for me (lol) but you got pretty close to convincing me!

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