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George Collins For Nairobi Governor

My name is George Collins and I will be running for Nairobi governorship position in the 2022 elections My campaign will focus on issues affecting Nairobians Rather than opponent Attack. … Continue reading

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How to deal with Media/politicians propaganda

“Sympathy” is the best word I can think of for the way we open ourselves up to another and treat them as part of our tribe, as an extension of … Continue reading

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Magical Kenya

As they say, you haven’t lived untill you set your foot in Kenya. Magical it is! Kenya, a country that’s slightly more than a half a Century old is unique … Continue reading

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Human evolution in the digital Age.

Large brains are humans’ most distinctive anatomical feature. Our brains are four times bigger than chimpanzees’ and gorillas’ brains. Brains use twenty times the calories of muscles at rest. Brains … Continue reading

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Mass Media

Mass media — radio, newspapers, the microphones and amplifiers of mass rallies, and later television — enabled a few people to communicate “golden lies” to millions of people at the … Continue reading

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Rape Culture and how we men play a part in it 💯

I acknowledge every woman I meet on the street, or in an elevator, or in a stairway, or wherever, in a way that indicates she’s safe. I want her to … Continue reading

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Dream Big As you never know when it could come True.

They always tell me to dream dream big, have a plan , have a vision they still tell me to dream “they might come true” and that’s what I am … Continue reading

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It’s okay if you don’t do what you went to school for.

Guys, life starts with being happy with your situation. If you’re unhappy, you won’t have the energy to get through the day. If you don’t have energy, you won’t have … Continue reading

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